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9-21-2022: Streaming access for those in "ministry" (of any kind!)

Streaming Access for those in ministry:

Here at Compassion Ministries / Heart of the Word Radio, we are supported and are able to continue the ministry (which includes the website and the radio program) through your support and partnership.  As a result, while we do offer the sermon of the day free streaming to everyone (and this generally matches with the day's radio program), we do offer the additional ability to listen to any of our roughly 1100 online sermons streaming 24/7 to those who partner with us.

That said, the main impetus behind my dad starting Compassion Ministries roughly 30 years ago, was to support those in ministry, and you can read about that elsewhere on the website.

So in addition to our desire to provide my dad's messages for everyone in these times, we specifically want to continue supporting those in ministry in any way we can.

As a result, if you are in "ministry", and I put that in quotes because we use the term VERY loosely - this doesn't just mean pastors, we mean anyone who leads a Bible study, works at the nursery at church, facilitates the Word to those in their office, and on and on - we want to provide you with as many resources as we can to include the streaming sermons, as well as books, etc.

So if you are in "ministry" and want to receive access to all the sermons online, please email me at and let me know you would like access, and I will walk you through the process and get it going for you.

Even though our partners do offer support for this access, we know they believe as we do that while part of what they support is making it possible to "keep the lights on" so to speak, the MOST IMPORTANT part of their support is to make sure that the resources available through the ministry continue to be made available to as many as possible, and that following my dad's vision to "help those who help others" be foremost in that.

In Him,

Ron Jr